Compatriots in Myanmar

Pastor Rich, Pastor John and I just finished a great conference in Myanmar. I love spending time with my compatriots, really love that we get to build young leaders in these exciting times.

Whoever believes in Him will be blessed, from any nation, for the Lord is rich to all who call on Him – Thanks for sending us (Romans 10:11-15).

Myanmar has a Kingdom destiny and your support is vital and fruitful all the way back to you.


Thank you, Jesus, for Your strength and peace in us; despite the surrounding turmoil. By faith, we move forward in unselfish love with Your true joy and lasting peace. We thank You for our amazing partners that continue to press on, continuing to sow their seed into building a stronger family across the nations. We praise you Lord., exalting Your name above all other names. Strength is in unity. Hallelujah. Amen.