Victory Worship – Who We Are

Victory Worship crosses cultures, boundaries, languages, and touches the hearts of the people.

This is the time for the churches of Asia to step into a higher level of worship. – Rebecca Watson

We are musicians, worship leaders, and missionaries together. Our vision is to serve the Lord and expand the Gospel.

This is part of our mandate, to take part in teaching the passion for worship, and bringing a fresh vision for worship.

We want to see churches in South East Asia building up worship teams with a purpose of reaching out beyond the borders of their churches. Evangelizing and impacting their communities.


Backstage Live in Mae Sai with our Victory Worship Band and the pastor of the church


Music is an opportunity to get into the hearts and lives of people.

Our goal is to be able to influence the churches in Asia and give them a bigger picture of what it is that God wants to do through worship.


Victory Worship student band performing at Maya Mall in Chiang Mai

Worship isn’t just for us on Sundays when we come into the church.

Worship is an opportunity for people to encounter the presence of God, to encounter the living God in a way that penetrates and bypasses the mind, our reasoning, and touches your heart and your spirit.

We want churches to be writing songs, impacting their communities, and sharing the Gospel through live events, concerts, and every opportunity that they have.

God is doing something amazing in South East Asia, and He’s wanting to do something amazing in your life.

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