Look what is happening in Asia! Young leaders from 10 Asian countries share communion at our 2017 Leadership Summit.

Jesus has a dream: that the nations would call on His name! You and I have a dream: that we would preach His name to the nations. The nationals we preach to have the same dream – and that’s how we know we’ve preached the gospel effectively.

Our India team has a missionary in Nepal, our Philippines team has sent missionaries to Cambodia and Laos, our Thai team is gearing up for Nepal. Our Pakistan leaders are in Sri Lanka this week. How wonderful is that?!

Your partnership is empowering us to raise up great churches and leaders in 10 nations. I will visit 5 of our nations between now and Christmas.

Thanks so much for getting us there, Al & Terry Purvis

Glory be to God. Thank you Lord for empowering each and every one of us in this Summit. What a glorious week of impartation and direction. Thank You for our partners, through their diligence and obedience Your Word continues to spread like wildfire across Asia. Let Your Holy Spirit fire continue to come down and anoint the millions. Lord, we also pray for the people that have been devastated with fires, hurricanes, weather, other natural disasters as well as sickness and loss. We ask for Your overwhelming strength, healing, guidance, comfort and provision to overcome them in Jesus Almighty name. We praise and thank You Lord. We exalt You. Amen. 

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