10 weeks until 10 nations gather in Thailand for our annual Leader’s Summit and launch of the new Bible college year (September 4, 2017). We invest months of preparation into this event so that new apostolic exploits will be birthed and launched across Asia. But every exploit needs a champion – someone who knows their God. When the Angel of the Lord announced to Manoah that he would have a son (Samson), he responded, “What will be the boy’s rule of life and his work?” Success depends on a guiding rule to live by and a clearly envisioned work. Our job as fathers and mentors is to guide that inner character and outflowing gift that will keep a young man or woman true to their call. Thank you for helping us build the lives of a new and more effective generation. What could this look like in another 300 years? Blessings,  Al & Terry.

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