฿75,000 Thai Baht per semester X 2 semesters = ฿150,000 Baht per year. Payable to the VABC office in Thailand. You can find approximate currency exchange rates online (We can advise you on the cheapest and safest ways to get tuition and personal money to Thailand)

If you are enrolled in the Worship Arts Course there is an additional ฿14,000/year (฿7,000/semester) fee for the extra travel and resource costs associated with this stream of study.

Tuition is due at the beginning of study. The Tuition fee covers course fees, room and board (meals on school days) and the cost of ministry trips. 

Other Expenses:

Things not covered by the tuition fee are: airfare and travel to and from the airport, visa costs, room utilities (water and electricity), health insurance, and personal needs.

Other personal costs may include: entertainment, personal travel, telephone and internet, weekend meals and extra food, medical expenses, toiletries, bedding and sleeping bags, school uniforms, travel for visa extensions (if needed).


*All school expenses are payable in Thai Baht; for conversion to currency  visit

**VABC offers subsidized tuition for students from developing nations.  Please note that this is not an automatic subsidy for “non-western” students.  Please contact the Registrar for more information.

***costs may vary at  the college’s discretion, please contact the Registrar for the most up to date rates

International students: please contact the registrar’s office to discuss the safest and cheapest way to get your tuition and personal money into Thailand.


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