Victory Asia is a family of church planting ministries associated with Victory Churches International.  Watch for news and video updates coming soon about all God is doing in across our Victory Asia nations.

If you’re looking for info for Victory Asia Bible College please contact us at dean@victoryasia.com.  Coming soon we’ll have extensive updates about VABC.

…Looking for World Mission Continuum charity page?  The full spread is coming soon, but here’s a bit of info to whet your appetite:

To partner with us, contact our Business office at: World Mission Continuum Society Box 32056, Edmonton, AB Canada T6K4C2 1-800-958-3352 1-403-380-3352 admin@wmcontinuum.com

For information on programs and news contact: Partner Support: 1-780-9626 partners@wmcontinuum.com

or straight from the horse’s mouth in Thailand: admin@victoryasia.com 66-38-770-139 Facebook: World Mission Continuum


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If you’re looking to pay for your 7 Weeks in Asia summer mission, you should go to http://victoryasia.com/7weeks

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