Why Victory Asia Bible College?vabc-if-you

Because 1. this is where you can
develop your craft: preaching,
worship, music, media, children’s
ministry, missions, and 2. connect to
great leaders around the world and
3. be mentored by the very people
that built the Victory Asia

How much does it cost?

75,000 Thai Baht per
semester x2 semesters = 150,000
Baht per year. (just google ‘thai cad
exchange’ for the current exchange
If you’re coming for Worship Arts, pay an additional 7,000 Baht per semester for travel and
resources that allow you to tour Asia with the Victory Worship band.



Are you convinced to attend yet? If so, here are the application formsDownload the application forms here. Just download, print, complete, and mail these PDF documents to our office in Thailand. The Pastor’s Recommendation form is to be completed by your pastor and sent separately.

Note: This information is confidential and will not be shown to you or anyone other than those involved in the application process.

For more information – Read this PDF



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