World Mission Continuum missionaries

Each missionary is sent by his / her local church. They raise their own personal support, travel costs, supply their own equipment, and work within the parameters and protection of this ministry leadership. An average of about 20 missionaries work in this ministry while opportunities are available for many more people to answer God’s call in Asia.

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World Mission Continuum provides missionaries with:

  1. Leadership accountability: vision, planning, protection, and pastoral care of missionaries and projects.
  2. Administration: NGO facilitation of charitable donations, transferring funds, legal entrance to foreign countries.
  3. Fund raising advice, materials and ultimate financial accountability for missionaries.

Sending Churches

All missionaries serving through World Mission Continuum are required to be solid members of a local sending church. They are accepted as missionaries on the recommendation of their local pastor and are contracted with WMC to maintain that home-front relationship and return to that church at the close of their tenure. Sending churches are expected to send and support their best people of proven integrity and abilities and maintain open communication for encouragement and support while their missionaries are on the field.
While on the field, WMC provides leadership and pastoral care for missionaries. Each missionary ministers as an ambassador of their sending congregation while WMC provides the strategies, accountability and efficiency that ensures the sending church will reap abundant fruit to their Great Commission account. In the case of disciplinary problems on the field, the sending church and WMC are committed to implementing solutions and restoration.

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