Worship Arts:

Victory Asia Bible College offers a two-year diploma in Worship Arts and a four-year degree in Christian Ministry majoring in Worship Arts.  

These courses are based upon our existing programs but with an intentional focus of training and developing music and worship leading skills, creating biblically based, spirit lead worshippers who will be able to serve their churches and future ministries in the areas of music and worship leading.

Please note: a “Travel and Resource Fee” is added to the Worship Arts course in addition to the standard tuition fees.  Please see the page on Tuition for more information.


Diploma in Worship Arts:

2 years 100 Credits

The focus of the two-year diploma in Worship Arts course is to develop students individual musicianship and tea leadership providing them with tools that will prove useful in lifelong growth and skill development and model how to replicate the training in others.

Students will receive training in vocals, instruments, band musicianship, and worship leadership. Furthermore, students will have the opportunity to teach others what they have learned through several of the planned worship conferences and ministry trips throughout the school year.  

Students must achieve a minimum of 80 Studies Credits and 20 Practical ministry credits to graduate.  Credits earned in this program are transferable to the Degree Programs.


Bachelor Degree in Christian Ministry

with a Major in Worship Arts: 4 years; 200 credits.

The 4-year Bachelors in Christian Ministry with a Major in Worship Arts will build upon the foundation laid in the two-year diploma of worship arts.  

Individual skill development is always of importance to a worship leader or musician, but for the third and fourth years, the main focus will be on developing and building up the members of your worship team.  

As part of the graduation requirements, students must complete a BMP, in which the main focus of the project is worship leadership, musicianship, or band development.

All Courses begin in September and run until April of the following calendar year.

(1st semester: September to December. 2nd semester: January to April.)

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