VABC is not one of those “Culturally Comfortable Bible College” you will find at home.  We are committed to train and equip you; we find this is best accomplished by getting you out of what is comfortable and stretching you to your full potential.



Each school day starts at Sunrise with Row Call and Group Exercises: A 2 km jog. After exercises, the students work together to make breakfast, do chores and then Morning Chapel and class.

Morning Chapel & Class:

Morning Chapel is entirely student lead, with students leading worship and preaching in a rotation.  You will have lots of opportunities to practice preaching.

In class, you will be given the opportunity to be taught by Men and Women of Great Exploits: Successful Ministry leaders from around the world who have come to impart into your life.

Mentor Groups:

The afternoons are spent in mentor groups; where you will get hands-on experience and training in Christian ministry, focusing on one of our 4 main areas:

  1. Worship Arts
  2. Children’s Ministry
  3. Multimedia
  4. Building Maintenance

Free Time:

Evenings will be spent studying, relaxing, or involved in some form of ministry

Jungle Trip:

At least once a year students take a two week camping trip into the jungles of Thailand usually to help with ministry in a jungle village.

We also have many opportunities to travel and minister and on any given weekend you could find yourself jumping on a train to the remote parts of Thailand for a weekend ministry trip.


But you are not alone, You will be with your fellow students, leaders, and teachers 24/7; building relationships, developing your skills and growing as disciples of Christ.  We are a ministry team and we all work together in Unity to achieve our God-given purpose.

The relationships you develop at VABC are lifelong, covenant relationships that will further the Kingdom of God, and your Great Commission Destiny.

Students must follow a code of conduct outlined in the student handbook.  Upon admission, students will be given the student handbook which outlines the expectations and rules and regulations of VABC.


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