Summit is our annual gathering of ministry leaders from ten nations of Victory Asia.
Hundreds of key leaders gather from Pakistan, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, and the Philippines for a week of empowerment. Summit is not a conference of speakers but a giant workshop where everyone takes part in prayer, direction, and planning at the national level.

You can join our team of servant-hearted, compassionate, encouragers for a great missions experience.

You can expect to:
~ fall in love with Asia
~ hold up the hands of national leaders from across Asia
~ learn the inside of apostolic ministry on the front lines
~ experience cross-cultural ministry in a power-filled environment
~ minister to an overwhelming number of people

~ You can choose to stay in Thailand to serve or go to any one of our nations by returning home with a national team after Summit.

~ find a round-trip ticket to Bangkok. Check online or with a travel agent for suitable deals.
~ $1,200 takes care of your rooms and meals on the ground.
~ Please check the country’s immigration website for up to date instructions.

Email with any questions or to coordinate with others in the group.

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