The Father's Love

The theme of the outdoor event was “the Father’s love”, celebrating Thailand’s late King Rama 9th. It was a chance not only to remember and pay respect to the beloved King but also a chance to extend God’s love to the people within the province of Chonburi.

Gathered in an open market area was a well-organized space containing a large music stage platform and multiple stalls hosted by the 50 representative churches within the area. Food, activities, and people passed through the 5-hour event, with special appearances by local government officials showing their support.

This first-time event left me with the impression that the Christian presence was larger than I had previously thought and the vision to reach the people of this land didn’t seem as daunting knowing that there are much more like-minded people in the area. Dr. George Hill once said, “Great visions require great partners”.

Knowing that there are others partnering in the same cause gives us encouragement that we aren’t alone and momentum to further the vision of reach, teach & mobilize those in Thailand.  

We thank you, our partners, for your continued prayers and financial support and hope this news encourages you that together we are making a difference in South East Asia.

Blessings, Matt & Becky Watson.

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