Surprising neighbourhood kids in Thailand with God’s great plan for their lives.

When Paul’s team crash landed on the island of Malta, the natives assumed that he had been miraculously spared by the sea, but when that viper latched onto Paul’s hand they changed their mind – he must be cursed. He didn’t die so they changed their minds again – he must be a god. New people watch and listen, they don’t have preconceived ideas about missionaries or the gospel. By the end of three days the islanders had been transformed and every sick person had been healed.

Across Asia we are mentoring thousands of youth to take the good news to new people, people who’ve never suspected that God has a plan and dream for them.

Let’s take our world by surprise with good news, genuine love and miracles – Christ is risen and resurrection power is ready to change every life that will watch and listen to you and me. Happy Easter, and thanks for sending us to the billions of Asia!

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